FAQ:Questions about mines and factories

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How can I buy a field?

You can buy a field in the special auction. Auction date and time will be announced beforehand. You also can buy a field for game points at the market of state enterprises.

When I build a milk factory, I can select specialization. For example, I can produce yogurts (quality modifier +50%). What does it mean?

Output product quality +50% means, that if standard dairy products have quality = 5.00, yogurt will have quality = 7.5.

The mine/field has 100 millions pcs of raw material. What will happen after all this material is used up?

You'll have to buy a new mine.

I have ordered raw material from independent supplier, but I can't buy it. Why?

Your current assets are not enough for this purchase. Your company account must have a sum, almost equal to company's expenses.

I have 1200 units of goods at my factory. 2000 have been ordered, but only 100 are sold – and it lasts for 2 days. What is the problem?

Most likely, your customer doesn't have enough assets for this order. It will be reasonable if you cancel this agreement and let other customers buy your products.

How can I build a factory?

Only the president of a company can build a factory. If you want to open a factory, go to “Companies/subdivisions” and click on “New subdivision”. You will see a new window. Select type of enterprise (Factory) and click “Next”. After this you must choose factory type, region and city, size, specialization (within the limits of chosen type) and technology level. After this you must confirm your decision.

When choosing a city, please pay attention to workers education level and average salary.

When choosing factory size, consider period and cost of building. The cost of building will be deducted from your company's assets in the end of building process. In case if by this time your assets will not be enough, then factory construction will be temporarily frozen. Once you have confirmed you decision to build a factory, you can't cancel it. During the cinstruction period you can't sell or change any parameters of your enterprise.

How can I expand my factory?

You can expand your facilities by constructing new production buildings. If you want to expand your factory, enter your enterprise page and click on “Change size”. Factory expansion is only possible when you haven't reached your maximum size of enterprise. Construction of new buildings will take several weeks. During this time you can cancel your decision about factory expansion. It is impossible to decrease the factory size.

How can I hire (dismiss) workers?

If you want to hire or dismiss workers, you should go to your enterprise page and click on "Workers and salary". After this a new window will appear. Eenter the number of workers you need and confirm your decision by clicking on "Save". The number of hired workers can not exceed maximum possible number of employees for this kind and this size of factory.

How can I set salary?

If you want to change your workers salary, go to enterprise page, click on “Workers and salary”. You will see a new window. Enter the salary you want and click on “Save”. Average level of workers salary is equal to average city salary. Qualification of workers corresponds to education index of city people. Changes in salary will come into force starting from the current week. Salary increase will help to improve workers qualification.

How can I arrange training for my workers?

If you want to arrange training for your factory workers, go to enterprise page and click on “Workers and salary”. You will see a new window. Click on “Workers training”. After this set the period of training and confirm your decision by clicking on “Save”. Training can last from 1 to 4 weeks. Training cost is directly proportional to training period. Training price will be withdrawn in the end of training period. During training the factory will operate in a standard mode.

How can I purchase equipment?

Machines for your factory are produced on machine-building factories. If you want to install new or additional machines, go to factory page, click “Equipment” and select “Buy”. In the new window choose a supplier and click on “Next” button. Enter the number of machines you want to buy and click “Buy”. The best quality of factory equipment is according to the production technology level. If the quality of your equipment is too high, it won't bring any positive effect on production, but it can require workers with better skills.

How can I repair my equipment?

If you need to repair your equipment, go to factory page, click "Equipment" and choose "Repair". After this select machines supplier in a new window and click "Next". Enter the needed quantity (equal to the number of worn-out machines) and click "Buy". You can repair your machines only in case if you have 1 or more worn-out machines.

How can I write off old equipment?

When you raise your technology level, you may need to improve quality of equipment. For this purpose you can write off old equipment (or a part of it) and buy new equipment for replacement. If you want to write off old equipment, go to factory page and click "Equipment". Select "Write off" and enter the number of machines, which you intend to write off. Click on "Write off" button. After this you'll need to buy new machines for replacement. Wear value is equally distributed among all your machines, so wear index (in percents) won't change after you write off a part of old equipment.

How can I change specialization?

For some factories it is possible to change their specialization (change the product or product kind: for example, wine, vodka and whiskey are different kinds of one product "Alcohol drinks"). If you want to change the specialization of your enterprise, go to the enterprise page and open “Production”, then click "Change specialization", you will see a new window, select product/product type you want to produce and click on "Save". Please remember, that you may need to buy new raw material.

How to purchase raw material?

If you want to add new supplier of raw material, go the enterprise page and open "Supply". Then click on "Add supplier", select one product in a new window. After this click on "Next" and enter the quantity and price restriction, then click on "Save". If you need to change supplier, open "Supply" and click on "Change supplier". If you want to cancel supply from a certain supplier, then select this supplier and click on "cancel supply" in a new window.

How can I improve factory efficiency?

Efficiency is one of the most important factors. Workers and equipment productivity, quality and quantity of produced goods, and even financial results depend on factory efficiency. The most common reasons of low efficiency: insufficient quality of equipment (with high technology level), insufficient skills of workers (with high quality equipment), or insufficient qualification of factory manager (with high qualification of workers). Efficiency of the main office also influences factory efficiency. If you want to know more, please read the detailed info about efficiency.

How can I change the factory name?

If you need to change the name of your factory, go to enterprise page and click on "Enterprise name". After that enter the name you want in a new window and confirm your decision. The only person who can change this name - is the president of the company. As usual, enterprise name includes certain number set for similar-type enterprises (it is more convenient when you need to manage many similar-type enterprises located in one city).

How can I sell the factory?

If you want to sell your factory, go to enterprise page and click on “Sell enterprise”. After that you will see a new window, enter the sale price (from 70% to 300% of enterprise assets) and click on “Put the enterprise up for sale”. Please consider that you can't sell your enterprise in the following cases: 1) if you have installed a new technology (within 30 days starting from the moment of introduction) 2) if your company is younger than 2 months 3) If you've bought this subdivision within the present-day update

How can I close the factory?

If you want to close the factory, go to enterprise page and click on "Close enterprise" link. After this you will see the new window, click on "Close enterprise" button. Cost of factory liquidation is 10% of its production facilities cost.