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I've built a cow house, bought cows, hired staff, bought forage. But the game informs me that cows are starving. Why is this happening?

Forage you've ordered will be delivered to your farm only on the next day. So you must purchase forage first, and only on the next turn – purchase animals.

I've ordered animal forage from independent supplier, but purchase faild. As result, health of my animals became worse.

Your company doesn't have enough funds. If you need to buy something and want to be sure that purchase will be fulfilled, then your company must have cash almost equal to its turnover.

My animals are in poor health, but forage is enough. Why is this happening?

Maybe you should pay more attention to the quality of animals forage. If you don't want your animals to be in poor health, the quality of fodder must be at least half of livestock quality.

I've bought a farm technology of level 2. In case if I build one more farm, should I buy this technology again?

No, there is no need to do it. If you've bought a technology, you can introduce it to any number of farms.

How can I improve quality of cows, which I already have?

There is no way to improve quality of the cows you already have. You need to buy or produce new ones.

How can I improve quality of cows, which I produce? Maybe I should buy better forage for them?

Yes, this is one of the ways to improve quality of produced goods. However the production technology is still more important. Besides, pay attention to farm efficiency – it influences the quality of produced animals.