FAQ:General questions

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Can I earn real money in this game?

No! This is a game, not a casino.

Is it allowed to transfer funds from one player to another?

There are no legal ways to do it, unless banking system is realized.

A friend of mine has started to play Virtonomics. I want to help him by buying his goods at overrated price. Is it legal?

Sure it is not legal. But if you write an e-mail to our support service, describe your situation and support will approve it — in this case all is legal.

How to start the game from the very beginning?

Go to "My office" --> "Profile". Read the information and click on "Restart" button.

How can I continue the game process? I don't understand how I can proceed to the next day.

You can't proceed to the next day by yourself. Next game week will start after the update (server maintenance). You can read more about the update here: "My office" --> "Realms".

How much virtual (game) time does it take for a real day?

One real day is equal to one game week.

How to make it go faster?

You can't make tvirtual time go faster, it's the same for all players.

When I select currency for my company, no automatic conversion happens. Why?

There is a conversion actually, but the currency exchange rate in Virtonomics is temporarily 1:1.

Is there a special software (client program) for your game?

There is no special sofware and we don't plan to create it in the nearest future. Besides, it is forbidden to use any external client programs.

How does the system calculate the cost of produced goods?

Prime cost is calculated as foolows: (raw material cost + salary of employees + expenses for fuel ad energy + defective goods + general production expenses + managment costs) / quantity of produced goods.

How can I estimate transportation costs? For example, if I have one piece of goods with price X, how much will it cost to deliver it from point A to point B (considering transport, customes and other expenses)?

When you order the goods you see the window of suppliers selection, which contains several columns: price of goods, delivery, customs (the higher the price of goods, the bigger customs duty is) and the final cost of the goods. There is no other way to see transportation expenses. You can also read more about customs duties here: «Game world" --> "World map" --> "Regions".

How can I buy a production enterprise?

Go to game menu and select "Enterprise market". You'll see the list of all available enterprises there.

I want to start a production. How much will it cost and what product should I prefer?

To create more or less profitable enterprise you need at least 2-3 millions. The best way is to have 100 millions and 3-4 experience points. Agriculture is not so costly.

What is a license? What's the difference between technology purchase and license purchase?

License can be introduced to one enterprise only, and it is not as expensive as technology. But if you buy a technology, you can introduce it to all enterprises of your company.

I want to buy a license for my enterprise. How can I know for sure its price?

Go to "Game world" --> "License market review". Select required specialization and technology level, click on "Previous day results". Click on "Supply" and "Demand" to see the exact numbers.

How does my qualification grow?

Qualification in a certain field grows in case if your corresponding enterprises work stable and profitable. You can read more in special HELP chapters.

How can I hire employees?

Open the subdivision you need and click on "Salary and employees". Enter number of employees and fix their salary. After that click on "Save changes".

Can I sell goods to different companies at different prices?

There is one rule: one enterprise - one shipping price. However, you can make a discount for certain customers: for this purpose, you ,must set "sell to certain companies" mode at your enterprise, set the price with discount and select the buyer. After this you can build a warehouse and deliver remaining goods there to sell it at "standard" price to all other customers. You also can do the opposite: use enterprise to sell goods to all companies, and use warehouse to sell goods at special price only to certain players.

Can the supplier cancel goods delivery without any explanations?

Yes, he can.

How soon will I receive the goods I've ordered?

On the next day, i.e. after the update. Providing that you have enough money to pay for the order.

Is it reasonable to order goods in case if the column «Available» is 0?

It is not very reasonable: your supplier has no available goods in stock. Of course, the goods can appear tomorrow (if somebody cancels the contract in your favour, or if the supplier expands his production). It is also possible that the supplier will mark you out and you'll get priority, - however, it is highly unlikely.

I can't find my company in «Reports/City retail» (I selected my country and my city).

The matter is that this report includes only 10 stores with best sales.

How can I see the city average brand, price and quality?

Go to marketing reports in "City retail" section.

I see the following message: «Office is not operating. Data on efficiency of your new employees requires additional evaluation». What does it mean?

Data on efficiency of your office will change after the update. Now you should wait.

The goods in the warehouse don't appear in the list of suppliers in "my" section, when I set "sell only to my company" mode. The goods only appear after I specify selling price. But I don't think that it's right to sell goods to myself.

Each enterprise in Virtonomics is an independent economic unit. The supplying enterprise can sell goods to the buying enterprise only at a clearly specified price. In case if the price is not specified - there will be no bargain.

How can I become an employee of another player?

At the moment there is no labour market in our game.

I've sent my empoyees for training. How can I get them back if the training is not over yet?

You can't. You have to wait until the end of training.

Do my employees work during training?

Yes, they do.

What's the purpose of warehouses?

You need warehouses to regulate shipments and to create a stock of various products. In general, warehouse is the only tool you can use to sell identical goods at different price. Use warehouse in case if you want to supply your products from your factory to your stores at the price just a little bit higher than prime-cost and in the same time sell the remaining goods to other players at market price.

Can I buy a technology of high level at once or I need to buy them in turn (2, 3, 4...)?

You can buy any technology level you want. However, high levels require high-skilled workers and high-quality equipment. Besides, top-manager's qualification must be appropriate as well. Please also remember that the missed levels will slow down your science research.

What's the purpose of a franchise? It doesn't influence quality or quantity of produced goods, so why do I need it?

Franchise provides a bonus to goods' brand in all cities.

Can I make any investments? Can I buy shares in any company?

By the moment there is no stock market in our game. Investments are: entrprise construction and equipment purchase.

I want to expand my factory/store, but I'm afraid that it stop working at the time of reconstruction.

It won't. Your enterprise will stay operable.

I want to cancel construction of an enterprise. Can I get my funds back?

You can't since your money already are invested.

The system says that my company went bankrupt and puts it up for sale, but I have 14979127.13 on my account!

If you've credit funds to your account only today, your company status will change after the update.