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The results of the statistics of forum survey of residency players Virtonomics:
Kto gde givet map.jpg

► Albania:
700px-Flag of Albania.svg.png

► Australia:
800px-Flag of Australia.svg.png

► England:
800px-Flag of England.svg.png

► India:
800px-Flag of India.svg.png

► Malaysia:
800px-Flag of Malaysia.svg.png

► Netherlands:
800px-Flag of the Netherlands.svg.png

► People's Republic of China:
800px-Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg.png

► Portugal:
600px-Flag of Portugal.svg.png

► Russia:
450px-Flag of Russia2.gif

► Slovenia:
135px-Flag of Slovenia.svg.png

► Ukraine:
800px-Flag of Ukraine.png

► United States of America:
800px-Flag of the United States1.png