FAQ:Questions about payment

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How can I convert game points into cash?

Go to "My office" --> "Points and qualification". In the bottom of the page you will see a conversion form.

I've made payment, but I can't see any game points on my account. What's wrong?

Send an e-mail to our Support service (click on the link in the bottom of your screen). Specify your game account number, payment method, date and time. We'll do our best to solve this problem in the shortest possible terms.

How can I buy game points via bank?

Select "Buy game points" --> "Bank transfer", enter the required number of game points, your full name, home address, print the invoice and take it to the bank.

How can I activate the express-payment card?

Go to Game menu, select "Buy game points" --> "Express-payment card" and enter the PIN-code.

I've activated the express-payment card, but my cash amount didn't change. How come?

The matter is you get only hame points, not cash. However, you can convert game points into cash, or use them to raise your qualification (go to "My office").

The terminal requires CVC2 code, but I can't see it on my card. Any suggestions?

VISA Electron and Mastercard Cirrus Maestro (so-called «light» cards) don't have CVC2/CVV2 codes. To get this code you need to contact support service of your bank. You will have no problems with payment via classic cards VISA and MASTER CARD (the required codes are printed on the card's back side).