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I've built different laboratories and developed technology up to level 3. But I can't put them up for sale: when I try to do it, I see a message "Error. You have too many possible offers for technology sale. If you still want to put this technology up for sale, you need to cancel another one (or more)". What does it mean?

There is a restriction for technology sale: in case if your "Science research" qualification is 10 or less, then you only can offer 10 technologies (or less). In case if your qualification is higher than 10, then the number of technologies which you can offer is equal to your "Science research" qualification level.

I've built a factory with a technology of level 5. Now I want to sell it to the company, which doesn`t have this technology. Will my technology level decrease?

No, it won't. But the buyer will not actually own this technology.

I've developed a new technology and intoduced it. In case if I sell this technology, will it disappear from those productions where it already was applied?

No, the technology will stay with you.

I have two similar laboratories. But in the first one stage of preliminary research takes 3 turns, and in another – 6 turns. The first laboratory has 6 level, second has only 5.

Research speed depends on the following items: is the technology world-wide known? is it available for sale? what about the previous technological level? how did you get this technolgy - purchased or invented? what about your "Science research" qualification level?

On the poultry farm technology of level 3 is cheaper than technology of level 2. Why?

Technology price changes in time. Scientists set the price based on their personal calculations.

Research level is now above 5. How to attach any factory/farm to the laboratory?

Go to "Laboratory" --> "Research". The production enterprise must have a tehcnology of previous level.

The research is finished. How get deallocate the production enterprise?

If the research is finished, the laboratory will be automatically deallocated.