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Why do I need the office?

Office represents your company in a certain region. Office controls all your subdivisions located in this area and manages advertising.

I've just started to play. I've created my office, hired 4 people. I've also opened a store (500 square meters) and hired 30 shop assistants. As result, efficiency is only 56%. I can't understand, how many office managers I'm supposed to have? How many shop assistants? I want my efficiency to be at least 80%.

For a start, 10 sales assistants and 4 office managers must be enough. In case if you only have one store, even 2 office managers will be OK.

If talking about store network, what is the best strategy of brand development? Should I promote every single store or should I make only one general advertising campaign for my office?

Office can advertise only products. You can`t promote any stores there. You must make separate ad campaign for each store.

I can`t start product advertising, because the page is empty. Why?

You only can advertise the product, which you produce by yourself.

My factory is not built yet, should I start developing the brand?

It is reasonable: it will help you to make your brand more popular.

In case if I suspend ad campaign for a long time, my brand will lose reputation, right?


I have a high brand of sugar in Hamburg. But when I order sugar for my store from my own farm, its brand is 0. Why?

Brand is only valid for those products, which were produced before the advertizing campaign.